Visit Kratt at Tartu Startup Day 2017

Experts and clouds connected will be participating in sTARTUp Day 2017 in Tartu, Estonia on 8th December.

Please visit our stand at Demo area for a free signup, your free KRATT reflector, live demo and discussion with our friendly team.

sTARTUp Day is the largest business festival in the Baltic States bringing together the startup and business community. It’s a flagship event where startuppers and traditional entrepreneurs, experts and newbies, government and media will loudly and proudly discuss early stage businesses. It’s an event where people who have thought about creating their own startup can get the necessary motivation and actually go through with their idea. It’s an event where everyday people with an interest in startups and technology can meet others with similar interests and grow their network. is a new service that helps you manage cloud resources, find local IT experts and control infrastructure with a single dashboard.

As a company, you can add existing cloud providers like Microsoft, DigitalOcean, Amazon or OpenStack to Kratt or purchase an additional service via Kratt automatically. A full control dashboard comes absolutely for free.

If you need an expert to help you with your business goals, Kratt will help you out by connecting your requests to a pool of validated service companies. Kratt will provide you with contract templates, complaint management and cost tracking, which will allow you to always stay in control.

Kratt stand